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Charkha                    iso 800, 46mm, f/5.6, 1/25 sec

A simple wooden structure with spiked wheel and rotating handle attached to wheel along with thread makes a CHARKHA. It was  used to make KHADI centuries ago by Gandhiji and his followers. In one hand there is handful of raw cotton while the other hand rotates the spiked wheel. At the other end of the wheel, a needle is placed in which raw cotton is injected very carefully. Cotton swirls and proceed further to create thin but strong khadi thread. This thread is further processed to make khadi cloth. Sitting here is Mr. Ramesh Patel, a volunteer of Gandhi Ashram and follower of Gandhiji. He demonstrates how to use charkha to tourists. His way of describing charkha purely exhibits how engrossed he is in the process. My small talk with him made me realize his undying love for charkha and tradition that has been carried forward since now and the way he wish to carry it forward for centuries to come.

At Gandhi Ashram, Ahmadabad, Gujarat.