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The Conversation 

It just happened like that

I was not aware nor were you

And silence was the only word.

Black & White



Under the blue sky and burning sun. A new journey has taken a step ahead leaving behind the dark and drowning past. New milestones, scary adventures and stormy challenges are standing before me. But, here’s something that pulls me back.

At Tapi River, Surat, Gujarat.



waiting                  iso 400, 250mm, f/5.6, 1/100Sec 

Sun is being scorching hot to we Amdavadis these days. In this boiling heat of summer everything looks colorless. Each day competes with other. Today it is 43c and tomorrow will be 45c. Walk half a mile and you will find yourself bathing in your own sticky, stinky sweat. You will take your next step only if you’re assured of having a shade ahead. The moment has arrived when we all look up in the pale yellow sky and wait for clouds to turn black, pour some rain and spread the dewy aroma of sand.

At Sarita Udhyan, Gandhinagar, Gujarat.


I hope…….

I just hope that I could write this better.

According to wiki Hope is the state which promotes the desire of positive outcomes related to events and circumstances in one’s life or the world at large. Hope is the only thing that has kept me alive today to see tomorrow. If I’m not wrong than each one of you also. With or without force the hope drags us all to see new morning’s sun, wake up calls from Maa, winning the race of life and many other things on every new second. Hope is the only word that constantly travels at the speed of light from our soul to our heart, our heart to our mind,and our mind to our lips all the time. I hope this……. I hope that…… I hope I could……. When I think about hope why love and faith has to come along? I guess three of them are made for each other. Hope is light of life that will walk with you till the end, no matter what you are, where you go or what you do.

So all i hope is that you will like, share , comment and follow.

Wheel Chair
Wheel Chair                      iso 800, 29mm, f/4.5, 1/15 Sec

I hope I could jump out from this boring chair and climb the stairs to reach the sky.

At National Center For Performing Arts, Nariman Point, Mumbai.