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Makers of My Favorite Attire

And finally the Navaratri is done. It’s pack up time now. These gorgeous colors will go in suitcase now and I will have to wait until next year. All the credits goes to my Maa and my Baa (Grandma) for making this amazing authentic ethnic wardrobe. My Maa sew the Kediyas and my Baa did all the handmade embroidery. Isn’t it PHENOMENAL ???

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Today after the Saturday test at evening class. I ran home and changed for my friend’s graduation ceremony. It being boring I again dashed back to home and changed for the Pre-Navaratri ( I was not in mood though I dressed up). I love to get dressed up for Navaratri. I just love this attire. Now it was time to roll on the floor.

Photograph by my Papa. Thank you Papa this really is an awesome catch.

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Wednesday with Vadas

The smell of dewy send and freshly fried Dalvadas are so mutually mingled that every Gujarati waits to eat Dalvadas as soon as it starts raining.

Though I haven’t cooked it yet but I would love to share my Maa’s special recipe:

CAUTION!!! (Understanding of recipe by everyone is uncertain)
Mix all Dal [Mung Dal – 2 Cups, Udad Dal – 1 Cup, Chana Dal -1 cup, Chola Dal – 1 cup ]
Soak it in water for 5 to 6 hours.
Drain out the water from it and crush it properly.
Add paste of ginger and green chill you can also add garlic paste. * We don’t eat garlic so Maa doesn’t add.*
Add salt and hing [Asafoetida] according to taste.
Put small dumplings of the mix in hot oil until it looks like the one in photographs.
And if you nail it than Yeyeiiii !!!! Serve it with hot fried green chill and onion rings (sprinkle salt on it).

At Aanand Daalwada Center, Ankur, Ahmedabad.

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Rathyatra Eve

This is the aura of my city AMDAVAAD just a day before the big festival Rathyatra. It’s the festival when god take the tour of city. The people have to come to invite him to their home and have delightful meal.

At Jagannath Mandir, Ahmadabad, Gujarat.



Chakdol                     iso 200, 18mm, f/4.5, 1/640sec

The Giant Wheel! – In my native language Gujarati we call it Chakdol. Me and my friends were standing outside the gate of fun park near ticket window. Thinking whether to go inside or not. Nostalgia and eagerness dragged us inside. After stepping inside we thought of having a quick disciplinary tour and come out. But CRAZY KIDS within us were waiting to jump out and play out loud…….. Few moments later we realized that few moments ago we were kids. Why grow up ???

With Nancy Abraham and Jenny Periera at Amdavad Ustavmelo 2014, Ahmadabad, Gujarat.