Architecture, Beauty, People, Tradition


My recent road trip to Saurashthra with my cousin, his wife and their son. We visited 5 Mandirs(Temples) and these are just a couple of pictures I could capture. But I would say some pictures are just captured by eyes. Our trip started from Amdavad-Gondal-Bhadra-Rajkot-Sarangpur- to Amdavad. It was about +1000 km of drive. All mandirs are beyond our imagination and immensely beautiful . A touch to an engraved stone speaks a million words and we could feel the depth of the story. They certainly are astonishing combination of art and architecture!

A place where you could feel the true peace! A place where you could connect to yourself! A place where you could feel the joy of life!  A Mandir.

Jai Swaminarayan.