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Liebster Award & 10000+


I have been nominated for my first ever Liebster award by  Dana Jose . Ahha!!! 2014 is treating me with awards. It’s my 4 the nomination in this year. And this time credit goes to Dana. An awesome Barcelona Youngie is in love with travel, food and fashion. Dhanyawaad Dana for the Nominations… And yes don’t miss out to visit her bolg… It’s right here : iamDana

With this award one more thing I would like add is that 10000+ people have clicked Keep Picturing. I would like to thank you all for your support. For me this was really a big milestone. It would have been impossible without you. Love you all for staying with Keep Picturing.

So, here comes the Rituals of Award Ceremony :

The rules:

Post 11 random facts about yourself
Answer 11 questions asked by the person who nominated you
Nominate 11 bloggers to do the same
Let the bloggers know you have nominated know they have been nominated

11 Facts About Me :

  1. When I was shooting our pilot episode for Food Chaos I was too nervous that I couldn’t start my camera.
  2. I like to create miniatures and shoot short clay animation film.
  3. When my friends have alcohol I enjoy apple juice 😛
  4. Once I had to sleep on Railway platform bench because till 3.30 a.m. there was no trains available, there was no cab or taxi too.
  5. Once I dived out from train to get down on station.
  6. In school days I had girl-o-phobia 😦
  7. As soon as possible I want to visit Tomorrowland music festival in Belgium.
  8. I used to run cross country but now not anymore.
  9. I was too bad with maths, even today also.
  10. It’s really tough to say 11 facts about myself.

Dana’s 11 Questions :

1. What´s the last city you visited?
Udaipur, Rajasthan. The city of King’s palaces where I went for my first wedding shoot assignment.

2. Favourite city?
Of course that would be Amdavad, it’s my home town. On of the awesomest city in India.

3. Favourite cusine and why?
I like Italian but when it comes to choosing between two than I’ll go with Gujarati. Ummm !!! It’s super awesome. I’ve been enjoying it since my childhood. All the delicacies are sweet and tangy.

4. Going to the movies or movie on your couch?
Both I guess… When alone Movie on couch

5. Film or photography?
Tough Choice… But I’ll go with Photography

6. Best topic to blog about?
View from my lens and thoughts behind the photographs

7. Best post ever written?
I hardly write anything but this is best according to me Performance

8. Favourite top 5 bloggers?
All the blogger I follow are my favorite ones… But on top of my list are:
Tales Along The Way
MP Sharma Author
Manadh Photography
Meho Jarvis

9. Tea or coffee?

10. Sweet or Savory?

11. Favourite english word?
Never thought of having a favorite English word: Ummm… “Actually” this might be my favorite. Actually I Actually use this a lot.

The 11 Receivers :

Tales Along The Way
MP Sharma Author
Bris Street
Sarah Potter Writes
Amy Crawford Art
Orlando Espinosa
Traveler 858
John Poet Flanagan
Marcus Dilano Photography
Sugar 4 All


The 11 Questions :

1. What inspires you the most ?
2. What makes you smile ?
3. What has surprised you about the blog?
4. When not blogging, what do you do for fun?
5. Favorite PRINT magazine?
6. Your next big thing?
7. Guilty pleasure?
8. What is a great memory from your past?
9. If you could spend an evening with anyone, alive or dead, who would it be?
10. What is content?
11. First love.