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My recent road trip to Saurashthra with my cousin, his wife and their son. We visited 5 Mandirs(Temples) and these are just a couple of pictures I could capture. But I would say some pictures are just captured by eyes. Our trip started from Amdavad-Gondal-Bhadra-Rajkot-Sarangpur- to Amdavad. It was about +1000 km of drive. All mandirs are beyond our imagination and immensely beautiful . A touch to an engraved stone speaks a million words and we could feel the depth of the story. They certainly are astonishing combination of art and architecture!

A place where you could feel the true peace!Ā A place where you could connect to yourself!Ā A place where you could feel the joy of life! Ā A Mandir.

Jai Swaminarayan.


18 thoughts on “Mandir

  1. vinantimistry says:

    Jay Swaminarayan Keyur !!!
    You know hoe I miss being there with you and Rajubhai….these pictures are wonderful. Specially the one with details of carving. And you are right ,some pictures are for our eyes only so instead of taking picture we can cherish the moment right there.

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    • Jai Swaminarayan Didi
      Hmmm..Same here..Thank you.Murti and carving is the specialty of BAPS Mandirs. All the Mnadir are so awesome that you keep clicking the photographs after every single click you feel like you have missed the other part of it.

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