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Navaratri Begins !!!


23 thoughts on “Navaratri Begins !!!

  1. Ed says:

    Isn’t the web great…. Navaratri the festival of 9 nights in Sanskrit, cancel the Dervish comment thats a different culture all together. Thanks for teaching me something new and interesting..:-)


    • Of course!!! I guess world’s longest worshiping, musical and folk dance festival. Navaratri is one of the wonderful significance of India’s reach culture and traditions. 😊
      I really feel great to share something about my culture and traditions.


      • Of course Ed!!! Yeh toh sirf trailer hai picchar toh abhi baki hai mere dost( It’s Just trailer, Movie is yet to come my friend). Definitely India has got wonderful history with glorious richness.
        Stay tuned for more updates.
        Keep Picturing and Keep smiling… 🙂


    • Hey Shiven thank you for visiting. I’m glad you like my work. It’s always grateful to capture graceful dancers like your group. Congratulations to your group that you guys won the first prize. Keep Dancing and Keep Smiling. 😊


  2. Reblogged this on TalesAlongTheWay and commented:
    This is a post from my friend Keyur about the beginning of Navaratri a 9 day festival celebration in India. Mr. Modi is fasting as he visits the United Nations and Washington, even forgoing a working dinner with Mr. Obama as not break his fast. Fall in love with the joy, movement, colors, and beautiful young people in Incredible India !

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