Behind the Bars

behind the bars                      iso 800,  55mm,  f/8,  1/500 Sec

What is it that I’ve done?
Where have I gone wrong?
I’m meant to rule, roar and conquer,
But all I’m doing is lying down.
People come look, laugh and walk away.
I really think am I meant for this?
Where do I rule?
Where do I roar?
What do I conquer?
No where I stand for this
Because, here I’m, this is me,
Behind the bars.

At Kamatibaugh, Baroda, Gujarat.


25 thoughts on “Behind the Bars

  1. What a stunning photo…it captures your sadness and his.
    The effect of the shadows of the bars is wonderful , somehow even more powerful than the metal ones as they are etched onto his fur.


  2. I always see completely different things to everyone else – quirkily. I didn’t think about him being behind bars as such. I thought it was about losing ones identity and feel lonely because of it. Relating an animal to like a person, that he is behind his own bars and he needs to be stronger in himself and not worry about what others think. He is giving others his power, when he needs to reclaim it as his own and rise triumphantly. I wondered if this was how you have felt in your life, a bit helpless and uncertain in some situations? I like to visit zoos and aquariums and often take lots of photos when I visit such places and put them on my blog. I still have some to upload from ages ago, naughty me.


    • That might also be there. Different views though. But whenever I see innocent animals, bird or fishes captured in cage I feel really bad about it. But thank you so much for sharing your views. I really appreciate it. Stay tuned..:)


      • I understand your point of view; if you think they are ‘captured’ so long as they look happy to me and have a rich and fulfiling existence then I am happy. If we all felt like that, I am guessing none of us would have pets and I love my piggies. Some people hunt animals or mistreat them, that I can’t stand.


  3. Happy Lifeaholic says:

    This is a sad, but beautiful poem. It’s always disheartening to see animals in captivity. Love how the lights and shadows are falling on the lion btw. 🙂


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