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Hollywood! Strange ha?! But that is how this area is famous in my city.  This is the habitat of the community which performs on street since years. Along with the performances their sculpting art is what they are known for. There is no school or university or any workshops from where they learn this phenomenal art form. This art is inherited in them from their ancestors and they wish to carry it forward for generations to come. The process of making Ganesha starts six months prior to the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi. They make more than millions of sculptures of Ganesha from tiny to gigantic sizes.  Though, this is one of the country’s biggest sculpture market; the people who make this, for them it is much more then just a profession or a source of making money.

At Hollywood, Gulbai Tekra, Ahmadabad.


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Up                     iso 400, 250mm, f/8.0, 1/320 Sec.

I have just gathered up myself to reach here at this place. Waiting to put next step forward. I never knew that my feelings will come alive again from the coffin. I’m standing here with mixed feelings in my heart. Whether to put next step forward and offer my hand or should I just wait back and hide in some safe place. The feelings are overwhelming and I am drowning inside the affection.


Behind the Bars

behind the bars                      iso 800,  55mm,  f/8,  1/500 Sec

What is it that I’ve done?
Where have I gone wrong?
I’m meant to rule, roar and conquer,
But all I’m doing is lying down.
People come look, laugh and walk away.
I really think am I meant for this?
Where do I rule?
Where do I roar?
What do I conquer?
No where I stand for this
Because, here I’m, this is me,
Behind the bars.

At Kamatibaugh, Baroda, Gujarat.


Happy World Photography Day!!!

I still remember the day I saw the POLAROID camera back when I was a kid. I saw this camera when we were on a family trip to Bombay; We hired a photographer to click us who had this camera. I barely remember other moments of the trip but this is the moment I can’t forget. This is going to be with me forever. All I was interested, was in that print which came out from the camera immediately after the click. It fascinated me a lot. But at that time I never knew my this fascination would implant a passion for photography in me. So here is a my journey from lens to LENS.

Happy World Photography Day to all…:)
Keep Picturing……