Beauty, Black & White

Canvas – Sun, Sky, Clouds, Moon


49 thoughts on “Canvas – Sun, Sky, Clouds, Moon

  1. I love, love, love Ahmedabad! I guess you have seen that in my blog. We were there for 4 months with architecture students studying at CEPT ! We are thrilled that the plan is for us to return for the spring semester 2015 with 15 students, this time !


      • Ohhh… so you won’t be here for Navaratri (Dandiya Festival). Anyways I’m not running away anywhere till than. 😛 So “Aavo cho toh Jami ne j Jajo”(Gujarati) 🙂


      • I wish we would be there for DiWali , but it is earlier than we get there. Love the kite festival and Holi! I have Hoi pictures on my FB page and a post, too, I think!


      • We were in Amdavad January – May 2013. My blog during that time is all India, all the time. Lots of posts from there….step wells…. There is a post on Holi.. . .and some pictures. We were at CEPT and then went to the POLS, but couldn’t find much celebrating there. Love, loved, loved it!


      • Love Amdavad…..professor knew that already! I have some posts for you to visit.

        We were in an episode of Shapath because the line producer Chandresh Bhatt saw us at a wedding. We played tourists playing tourists. I am sending you the dates of my posts. I am assuming you are involved in film now? Do you know Chandresh Bhatt? Great guy!

        We really are Rock Stars! 3/22/13
        Are we famous yet? 4/1/13
        06/14/13 Shapath episode
        And I wrote a post on Chandresh but didn’t get the date. . .”California Dreaming with a Young Indian Filmmaker. . . . . Chandresh Bhatt You can search for it.

        We stay at Presidency Enclave which which is off Samevid Hospital Road. Great location to get to CEPT though we usually took rick shaws.

        Last time there were 11 students and this time 15 have signed up. Everyone is very excited as the last group so loved India !

        Anne ( Have a lovely weekend!)


      • Hey Good Morning!!! Happy Friendships Day…
        Ohh that is really great!!! I saw your post…. Colors look awesome on you:P Presidency Enclave is 5 mins from my place….:)


      • Well there sure of a lot of PATELS. We even had one in our group from California and he was great spoke Gujurati! We went to a Patel wedding and Mr Modi was there and we were spotted for TV show!


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