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A confident Woman

Women                       iso 800, 35mm, f/8, 1/200 Sec

I am Strong
I’ve been through a bit in my life and I’m still standing
I have self worth
It took a lot of soul searching to finally see for myself
I am beautiful
I don’t need anyone to tell me, I already know my glow
I am not perfect
Nobody is perfect but I’ve seen my good and bad sides
I am just myself
I will never be alone, I will always be there for me

Thanks to Ajay’s quotes blog due to which I got the words to my story:


To explore the city inside out me and a friend of mine decided  to travel in local chakada(public transport) instead of calling a private cab. While travelling I was just goofing around with the camera and was taking picturing of him just for fun and was also clicking the streets around. Suddenly the chakada stopped to pickup more passengers. And these three ladies climbed in wearing their traditional Nawarri Saree. Confidence in her eyes, strength in her body line caught my attention. I was hell scared to click her. So initially I was faking the clicks and the moment I got the perfect picture my focus narrowed to the ladies and I removed my friend out of the frame.

With Vardhan Malhotra on streets of Pune.

Black & White, Regular, Smile

Call Bell


Its my first photograph ever clicked that too from my friend’s camera. That was the time when i never found a story in a photograph neither the compositions or framing or any other aesthetics. So may be this call bell was a call for me to find my connections with photography.

At DSK Supinfocom, Hadpsar, Pune.

People, Street


IMG_1663                     iso 800, 18mm, f/3.5, 1/20Sec.

While waiting in auto rickshaw for signal to go green a poor boy came to me with a tower of books. Books seem pirated to me. He was totally unaware of the fact that he was committing an immense crime. An innocent criminal I found on the streets of a never stopping city.

At Western Highway crossroad, Goregaon East, Mumbai.


Fifa 2014: Journey Ends “Start of new one “

Here comes to an end, a journey of 5 times WC champions, with a very disappointing score line 7-1. Moments ago, I turned off my television set and came to bed. I could not sleep though it was 3:20 AM in my country. Constantly I was changing the sides on bed, closing my eyes but mind could not stop imagining those miserable 90 minutes. It was not possible for me to digest the unhygienic defeat that Brazil has faced. I looked at my watch, and it is 4:00 in the morning now. The match experience this time was much different than usual. I had my fingers crossed, and heart beating at its top peak. Germany got on their first corner and goal it is on 11’ by Muller. My fist tightens and heart clinched within. By the time I was consoling my selves, I started receiving messages on my phone. I was fighting against all of them just the way Brazilians against Germans. Play went on and Germans started triggering goals one after other. All I had in my mind been this is not the real Brazil playing; this is not how Brazil plays; there would come a moment when Brazil will show their true game and some miracle would happen for Brazil to conquer the impossible to win match. Whistle blows indicating end of first half, Germany with 5 goals and Brazil nil. I had my hopes alive and wished Brazil to equalize the match. Today Brazil was out of luck I guess. Adding to it, Neymar and Silva were not playing, and their absence was truly missed. Brazil was not attacking, showing poor defense, Cesar failing to stop bulleted ball, and it was all driving me crazy. After Germans scored two more goals, Oscar saved Brazil from facing a defeat never thought of. At least they did not lose without scoring anything. This brought a smile on faces of 200 million fans, but tears dominated the long awaited smile. But even after a miserable defeat, I am glad that they played fair and with high spirit. With the same spirit I so look forward to see an improved team walking down the stadium the next FIFA. Brazil you still have next match approaching on Sunday 13th July, hope you acquire third place this FIFA. Well played Germans, wish you take up the 2014. I hope to get a good night’s sleep now.