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Flight                     iso 800, 55mm, f/5.6, 1/80.

It’s a fresh journey to reach the blues with no ease, yet with wings wide open. So I come out escaping the four walls to experience the adventures world.  It is the flight of freedom to taste the clouds and mingle with the wind.

At Whistling Woods International, Goregaon, Mumbai.



Charkha                    iso 800, 46mm, f/5.6, 1/25 sec

A simple wooden structure with spiked wheel and rotating handle attached to wheel along with thread makes a CHARKHA. It was  used to make KHADI centuries ago by Gandhiji and his followers. In one hand there is handful of raw cotton while the other hand rotates the spiked wheel. At the other end of the wheel, a needle is placed in which raw cotton is injected very carefully. Cotton swirls and proceed further to create thin but strong khadi thread. This thread is further processed to make khadi cloth. Sitting here is Mr. Ramesh Patel, a volunteer of Gandhi Ashram and follower of Gandhiji. He demonstrates how to use charkha to tourists. His way of describing charkha purely exhibits how engrossed he is in the process. My small talk with him made me realize his undying love for charkha and tradition that has been carried forward since now and the way he wish to carry it forward for centuries to come.

At Gandhi Ashram, Ahmadabad, Gujarat.

Black & White


Void                      iso 400, 50mm, f/5.6, 1/8sec

I’m on the verge. The verge of void. Void which is infinite. Looking down at the black hole. The hole of void. Blacked out. No space. No hope. No light. Yet interacting with the emptiness. Still hunting for the light. Void is coming close. Closer. More closer. Else going far. Farther. Farther Away. BLACK. . .

With bed in my bedroom, Ahmadabad, Gujarat.



Chakdol                     iso 200, 18mm, f/4.5, 1/640sec

The Giant Wheel! – In my native language Gujarati we call it Chakdol. Me and my friends were standing outside the gate of fun park near ticket window. Thinking whether to go inside or not. Nostalgia and eagerness dragged us inside. After stepping inside we thought of having a quick disciplinary tour and come out. But CRAZY KIDS within us were waiting to jump out and play out loud…….. Few moments later we realized that few moments ago we were kids. Why grow up ???

With Nancy Abraham and Jenny Periera at Amdavad Ustavmelo 2014, Ahmadabad, Gujarat.

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Vijay Rally

16th May,2014.

Today was the day when world’s largest democracy was going to have a new leader. So as everyone I was also curious. While walking down to my office I was constantly changing status on whatsapp from 300 to 2x HeadStart to Abki baar Modi Sarkar. I rushed into my cubicle and switched on my system. Sat on boring black chair, facing 21′ inch LCD. I googled the result’s website it was taking hell lot of time to load. So I peeped into my colleague’s desktop and he was doing the same. I jumped out from chair and saw everyone was engrossed in same thing. Today the priority was not work at all it was results. The hot discussion was about current election trend. Hey! who’s going up? What’s the score? Dude! My connection is down(sad). How many seats he got? Haha He lost? Yepp she won the race. Constantly receiving mails, texts, trolls, tweets, snaps and what not. The whole day went like this. Watching the number games on the floor. Finally i got rid of my boring black chair. Time to go home. Phone’s also dead now. Saffron is the color of the day. On my way back to home amazingly I saw my entire neighborhood on the roadside,up on the terrace, popping out from hospital windows too. When I asked a person, I got to know everyone was waiting to have a glance of their new Prime Minister. I could not resist myself to capture this wonderful evening.

_MG_2719 _MG_2824_MG_2750 _MG_2756 _MG_2780 _MG_2785 _MG_2794 _MG_2799  _MG_2831 _MG_2865


 Throne                   iso 400, 18mm, f/5.6, 1/20 Sec

The day has arrived when world’s largest democracy will have it’s 14th Prime Minister. The countdown has began, the clock is ticking and results will be out in couple of hours. 814,500,000+ Indians voted for the prosperous future of their nation where 20% were first timers. We the people of India contributed our lives, our faith, our trust, our sweat, our hope and our vote to elect that one person. So this time it is beyond the BLUE.
Election was held in nine phases for 543 constituencies over the period of six weeks. Now there is just one question running in everyone’s head that,


I hope…….

I just hope that I could write this better.

According to wiki Hope is the state which promotes the desire of positive outcomes related to events and circumstances in one’s life or the world at large. Hope is the only thing that has kept me alive today to see tomorrow. If I’m not wrong than each one of you also. With or without force the hope drags us all to see new morning’s sun, wake up calls from Maa, winning the race of life and many other things on every new second. Hope is the only word that constantly travels at the speed of light from our soul to our heart, our heart to our mind,and our mind to our lips all the time. I hope this……. I hope that…… I hope I could……. When I think about hope why love and faith has to come along? I guess three of them are made for each other. Hope is light of life that will walk with you till the end, no matter what you are, where you go or what you do.

So all i hope is that you will like, share , comment and follow.

Wheel Chair
Wheel Chair                      iso 800, 29mm, f/4.5, 1/15 Sec

I hope I could jump out from this boring chair and climb the stairs to reach the sky.

At National Center For Performing Arts, Nariman Point, Mumbai.